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Pictured above are two DC-DC-Converters back to back. Some people may say that, well, this is all input and all the outputs are just part of the input and you can't do that. Well why not? I've done it over and over again and I don't see what the problem is. What is so special about this set up?

In this particular setup power is actually flowing in three different places. As far as if they are flowing all at the same time or separately is up for debate. The fact of the matter is that there are also three different meters reading each power flow.

There are also three different magnetic fields. Each building magnetic field collapses three times therefore recycling the energy three times as well.

There are so many different ways of looking at this that it can become a bit confusing at times. What exactly are we looking at here? There are three meters with current flowing through each one of them.

As far as I am concerned there are three separate power flows going on. DC-DC-Converters can have an efficiency as high as 95% which is pretty good actually! Think about it for a moment. This circuit is capable of producing three magnetic fields either all at the same time or at different times. Each magnetic field is capable of returning energy.

Each DC-DC-Converter is doing real work with real power that is measured with real meters. Even though it may be using the same 100% energy from the power source, each converter is doing work three times. Is this a power multiplication?

Let's say there are 10 watts flowing out of the power source. So then of course 10 Watts is flowing into the first converter. That converter then has an output of 9.5 watts. Well wait a second here. We have 10 watts flowing out of the power source and into the converter. This constitutes work. Yes albeit 10 watts is basically being completely wasted away.

But there are 9.5 watts flowing out of the converter. That 9.5 watts can either power another converter or it can be sent straight back to the battery to help charge it up.

If you were to send the 9.5 watts back to the battery and 10 watts is coming out of the battery, wouldn't that be a total of 19.5 watts flowing? Even if there is just 10 watts flowing out of the battery, hey 9.5 watts is going back into it.

That's a lot of power flowing there! I have done this before and have seen right around 12 Watts circulating around without the 12V 12A battery barely draining in voltage. If you were to normally pull that kind of wattage out of a battery then that battery would drain a whole lot faster than without the 9.5 watts returning back to it.

By recycling energy you can multiply power. It's still a conundrum to me but how in the world can you have more power without an energy increase? Usually you need more energy in order to have more power, don't you? I don't think so.

Here's an easy example to help us visualize the facts better. If you have 1 joule of energy stored and then transfer it through a motor then the motor will be powered with 1 watt for one second. Let's say this is done within one single pulse.

Now we do it again except this time we catch the magnetic field when it collapses. Let's say this gives us just 50% of the energy that we started with, which is 100% of the energy. Even though it's still the same energy we can now utilize that energy and make it do another 1/2 watt of work in the same one second or possibly more.

This is obviously more power, work, and wattage. This is also not proportional to the amount of energy we started with. When we do this just one time and drain our 1 joule away to nothing then we only get what is equal to what we wasted away. In other words, we had 1 joule of energy and now we don't because it was transferred through the motor in one single pulse.

But now think of this, we do the exact same thing but now we recover half or 50% of the energy after the 1 watt has already done work in the motor in 1 second! Now we have the energy again to do more work with more power.

Obviously we are able to get more kinetic energy, work, or power all from the same potential, without increasing the energy of the system one iota! Tell us what you think should be done with the power gained in the system.

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