1 The Motor is The Catalyst | 2 The Generator is Free Mechanical Energy | 3 Power Recovery Circuit | 4 « Back to The Debunkified Channel | The Motor is The Catalyst Really if you think about it perpetual motion is just a word, and maybe interpreted as a machine that is running itself or charging it's own battery to run itself forever and that can run off it's own power supply or output. This is impossible, however everything is already in a state of perpetual motion. It is often said that if this could be done, then this would be known as the "Holy Grail" of physics. After many years of seeking answers to free energy, I found out the real difficulty in finding any real answers on the internet. There are answers, but they are half truths and often the information isn't open sourced and is protected by being proprietary. I always wished somebody would have provided a simplistic explanation on how to achieve perpetual motion all in one place, without bits and …

Overunity Generator Math Calculation

Overunity Generator Simple Math

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An Electromagnetic Field is Free

An electromagnetic field does not come from the power sourceMost people who are electrically inclined believe that an electromagnetic field surrounding a current carrying wire is the same energy that has originated from the power source. It is true that the electromagnetic field surrounding that wire is in proportion to the current. But what isn't so revealing is that the electromagnetic field surrounding this wire really doesn't have anything to do with the original power source. Then what is the electromagnetic field? Let's say we start out with 100% of the energy and we call that energy let's say 1 joule of energy. If that 1 joule of energy flows through a load then that load has performed 1 joule's worth of work. Ok so far, so good. All 100% of that 1 joule of energy is going back to the source in order to destroy it. Now I didn't say that the energy is being destroyed since we can't create nor destroy energy, but we can only transform it. In real…

Power Amplification Solved!

The experimental setupHere is a real actual experiment I did to prove to myself once and for all that power can indeed be amplified. The setup is extremely simple. It consists of one 12 Volt 12 Amp Universal sealed lead acid battery bought from Radio Shack, when it was still around. A DC-to-DC Converter, a 7 Watt 12 Volt 0.648 Amp LED light and two meters. The experiment starts off powering the 7 Watt LED light with the battery. There is a meter in between the battery and light measuring current coming out of the battery and into the light. There is another meter connected directly to the battery reading the voltage of the battery. When the battery is connected to the light the battery voltage drops drastically by a large factor while drawing right around .525 Amps. The voltage drops from around 12.20V right down to 12.00V. Ok so far so good. This is all fine and dandy and there is nothing unusual about this. The light drains the battery, pretty plain and simple. Next we now repla…

Power Multiplication

Fast Speed Pictured above are two DC-DC-Converters back to back. Some people may say that, well, this is all input and all the outputs are just part of the input and you can't do that. Well why not? I've done it over and over again and I don't see what the problem is. What is so special about this set up? In this particular setup power is actually flowing in three different places. As far as if they are flowing all at the same time or separately is up for debate. The fact of the matter is that there are also three different meters reading each power flow. There are also three different magnetic fields. Each building magnetic field collapses three times therefore recycling the energy three times as well. There are so many different ways of looking at this that it can become a bit confusing at times. What exactly are we looking at here? There are three meters with current flowing through each one of them. As far as I am concerned there are three separat…

Does a Motor really Consume Energy?

This has been on my mind for quite sometime now but I think it's a question worth examining. We all know by now that it is absolutely impossible to achieve more energy out of a system than what went into it, especially if it's a closed system. I have also posed this question on the website as "Why does Work Appear to be More than 100% Energy in a System?". The question doesn't seem to be going over very well over there and it may even get deleted because apparently nobody understood the question. Here is an image of the message I received from them. And here is a video of the question posed on that website : It is claimed that it was made unclear even though I reworded it several times in order to make it as clear as I possibly could. In fact it's so clear that a second grader could understand it. So if that link eventually disappears then that just tells you what kind of character that website has deleting a completely hon…
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