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1 The Motor is The Catalyst | 2 The Generator is Free Mechanical Energy | 3 Power Recovery Circuit | 4 Genesis of A New Energy Source [eBook] | 5 « Back to The Debunkified Channel | The Motor is The Catalyst Really if you think about it perpetual motion is just a word, and maybe interpreted as a machine that is running itself or charging it's own battery to run itself forever and that can run off it's own power supply or output. This is impossible, however everything is already in a state of perpetual motion. It is often said that if this could be done, then this would be known as the "Holy Grail" of physics. After many years of seeking answers to free energy, I found out the real difficulty in finding any real answers on the internet. There are answers, but they are half truths and often the information isn't open sourced and is protected by being proprietary. I always wished somebody would have provided a simplistic explanation on how to achieve perpetual m…